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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Highlights in Photos

This two week road trip has been blessed, but looooong. Can't wait to see Jane and Jacob as Janelle and I fly home tomorrow (Thursday...which is also Jane's birthday!) afternoon...

It has been a blessing beyond belief to see God work...and there have been "lighter" moments of blessing's a few:
                                                  This morning walk at Camp Machasay
                                     Pastor's miracle home in Idaho
                        The nicest cross made of pine cones I have ever seen:

                                                                Hee Hee

                                    My Idaho buddy "Jack" - clean

                            Someday's you're the statue, someday's you're the pigeon

                                 In Idaho...nicest one of these I've ever come across

                                                   Early morning Idaho walk..

                                              You Lookin' at Me?

                                               Today's fun at Camp Machasay

                                 Fernwood (Idaho) Community Church where I spoke Sunday

                                              "Jack" - dirty
                                                          Idaho scenery

                                      What else to you expect to find on an Idaho hike?

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