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Friday, July 27, 2012

Desire Accomplished!

The Word says "The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul."


Janelle and I started the day closing out our time at Camp Machasay in extreme eastern Colorado. It was a great week for me (great three weeks for Janelle staffing/lifeguarding). Rick Cleaver, one of my dearest friends, is the director and it was a joy to serve with him, his wife, and staff.

The day was also Jane's of almost all that I was out of town for.

It was a significant birthday...half-a-century!

I really wanted to make it special...

So good friend (and Jane's precious friend) Tarah (Brewster) Auffahamer cooked up a plan. Janelle and I drove three hours to the Denver airport to catch a flight arrive at Kansas City around 5.30pm Thursday night (birthday!). Tarah flew in from New York..but was delayed..instead of arriving ahead of us she arrived a bit behind a different terminal!

But the Lord worked out the details...Janelle and I were just a  tad less than totally honest ("our flight was delayed," "one piece of luggage is missing"). I sent Janelle out to Jane's parked-in-front-of-the-terminal car while I allegedly waited for the missing suitcase...then Tarah found me and I walked out to hug Jane...and turn her around a bit so she couldn't see Tarah until Tarah tapped Jane on the shoulder and asked for a ride.

YES! The scream and tears were a good thing!

After composing ourselves I took them all to the Plaza area of Kansas City to "The Melting Pot" restaurant...Jane, Janelle, Janelle's bestie Sarah Williams, Jacob, Tarah and I enjoyed over two hours of eating fantastic food (and CHOCOLATE!) served fondue-style. I may have to take out a loan to cover the bill..but it was well worth it.

Jane puts up with alot (me is enough)...and sacrifices much to keep us in ministry...and this was just an answer to prayer and effort to honor her!

Ah....sweet success!
                                    Doesn't look like much here: but this was one of three plates
                                   of goodies that ended up  stabbed and dipped into one of
                                      two containers of superb and warm chocolate! YUM!
                              (This after three courses of beef, pork, chicken, shrimp, veggies, salad)
                                      Tarah, Jane-the-birthday-girl, and some old dude...

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Anonymous said...

You say she's 60 , no no I mean 50 right. Love to you all. Wish we could have came. Give Jane a hug for me and tell T. great job done!!!!