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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Yes, This Is More Important than Racism

Lives Matter.

ALL lives.

To include the unborn.

I see nodding heads...

What are you doing about it?

When is the last time you specifically prayed against abortion?

Does your checkbook reveal your commitment to pro life causes?

There is now therefore no condemnation...but I fear too many have a "head knowledge" of the horror of abortion but have become hardened, forgetful, dispassionate in their hearts.

But what can one do?

Here's something to this video for this film to be released in October.

After watching, pray and ask God what, if any, involvement you and/or your church should have.

America makes Hitler look like an amateur. We grieve, as we should, at the death of officers and alleged innocent victims.

There is nothing more "innocent" than an unborn baby; and nothing more horrific than that baby being slaughtered because he/she is "inconvenient."

God bless America?


Watch this: PLEASE click here

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