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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Too Much Credit

I heard it again today. A member of a ministry team that will be active this weekend is afflicted with a bad, bad bug. And someone said, "Well, the devil knows how important this weekend is."

satan I am not hammering anyone, for my guess is the theology is okay; just the choice of wording is more-than-fuzzy.

Satan does not know anything about the future...except his doom. 

He and his legions may be aware that the ministry team has a tremendous opportunity; but he does not know the results of that only the Lord God is Almighty, to include all-knowing (which is why the so-called "open-theism" is so weak).

Is Satan buffeting this ministry-team member?

Could be. Not necessarily. God is on the throne. 

I think of two incredibly gifted ministers-of-the-gospel who, from my perspective, died way ahead of their time...Keith Green and Rich Mullins. Did God know Keith's plane was going to crash? Of course. Why did God allow it to happen? I certainly don't know; but I do know the plane was way overloaded. I do not remember whether or not Rich had a seat belt on when he crashed, was ejected from the vehicle, and was struck by a truck. 

Could God have prevented these tragedies? Certainly. But "our times are in His hands." Our life is "hid in Christ." Satan can buffet, Satan can not kill a child of God.

And Satan does not know the future.

In my almost forty years of experience, the hours and days after significant ministry are always the toughest. Then Satan is aware of genuine conversions (as opposed to "decisions") and other spiritual impact. Then perhaps he sends some of his troops to attack.

We need to fight not "for" the victory, but "from" the victory that is ours as heirs and joint-heirs. We need not look at every illness, every microphone failure, every flat tire as satanic attack. It could be lack of sleep; lack of someone checking batteries, or careless driving.

"Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."

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