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Friday, July 15, 2016

"Saved but Not Seized"

This is from a ten-year-old book (Serious Times by James Emery White) with the subtitle "Making Your Life Matter in an Urgent Day."

Very early in the book he is talking about being moved, as a young man, by the film "The Empire Strikes Back," and transitions into how books, films, perhaps sermons, and more can move us...but all too often not change us because we let the "buzz" die (as I believe Randy Alcorn says, "nothing is as fleeting as the moment of conviction")
Anyway, couched in his text are the following words, which leave me thinking, pondering, praying...I'll give some of the context:

"We allow the movement of God on the surface of our spirits to become lost amid the stones the world tosses thoughtlessly into our lives. As a result, we lose the vision God could give us of our world and our place in it. Too quickly, and often without struggle, we trade making history into making money, substitute building a life with building a career and sacrifice living for God with living for the weekend. We forgo significance for the sake of success and pursue the superficiality of title and degree, house and car, rank and portfolio over a life lived large. We become saved, but not seized..."

"Saved, but not seized..." Methinks these four words are loaded with potential to change, challenge, and conform...What sayeth you?

(by the way, the photo has absolutely nothing profound to it; just came up when I google-imaged the word seige and I thought it was kinda cool)

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