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Friday, July 8, 2016

Need a Movie Recommendation? How about an oldie?

((NOTE-I wrote this a decade ago...still give it a high recommendation)

 Yes, there are some "bad" words (mild...street language). Yes, it is a bit cheesy in spots. But after returning from Missouri I took my wife on an overnight date and Tuesday afternoon we went to see this movie which came highly recommended by our two oldest sons as well as our daughter.

Witch-hunters (you know, professing Christians who always find something to gripe about...kind of like the vulture and the bee...the vulture always finds dead, stinky things and the bee always finds the sweet nectar...why? Because they (and us) always find what we are looking for!) will find numerous things about which to complain...the language, a good quotation from a fuzzy source, and a few other things...

BUT...don't let them rob you of enjoying this film. It is more than feel-good; it is just plain great.

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