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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Servant Camp Reflections

Last night I preached on "Jesus' View of Discipleship" (Lu 14.25ff) as we concluded Servant Family Camp at Horn Creek near Westcliffe,  Colorado. After a joyous and sometimes tearful time of sharing, I had the joy of setting the "stage" for the Dads to serve communion to their families.

Horn Creek is a wondrous place, and it was a wonderful week. I got to interact with several families, had some great times of discussion and prayer with individuals...and got to go white water rafting and climbed a 13,400' mountain.

It was an honor to see families interacting with others, working hard with each other, encouraging one another...and so much more.

There were folks from Texas, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and a couple other states. They were able to come at "half price" because for 2 1/2 days they worked...planting flowers, building walls, sawing and getting rid of timber and more...again, a joy to see families working together.

It was a blessing to observe...and occasionally listen in on, family devotions each morning.

I pray 2 Peter 3.18 for each camper...staff...and me!

I left around ten pm...and 14 hours later stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska for the night. I hope to get out of here early enough tomorrow morning to make it to Crescent Lake Bible Camp (Rhinelander,  Wi) in time for the first counselors meeting. I will be there for two teen weeks

It is such a continuing privilege and joy to speak at camps...every year 5-8 camps each summer since 1978...

Amazing! And, in view of "let not many of us presume to be teachers, for as such we shall incur a stricter judgment," very sobering...

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