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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Rocky Mountain High

Well, yeah, they legalized gay "marriage," the okayed whacky tobaccy; but Westcliffe Co is an incredibly conservative area, and the location of Horn Creek Christian Conference center where am now getting ready to preach/teach a week of "Family Camp."

The drive over here from Hays yesterday was extraordinary...since I am soloing this time I stopped frequently to look at cemeterys, historical markers, etc.

I passed a couple federal maximum security prisons in Florence, and the other pics are from an early evening hike that I took...

Yeah, it's rather pretty...and a testimony to the creativity of the One who created you (and me!)

After over thirty years of camp ministry; I continue to be amazed I get to do what I get to do..and the doors the Lord opens. Pray for power, wisdom, discernment for me...and for open hearts/minds for the campers.

Here's the shots:
                                     This is where I spent Fri nite, moving to another
                                                  lodge today...not exactly ghetto

And, of course, this keeps running through my head:

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