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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wichita Star Wars

"Exploration Place" in Wichita is a 3 1/2 hour drive from the Hager home. Early this morning Jacob and I drove into town to pick up Nick Davison, Jacob's buddy and made the journey.

Why that length of trip when Kansas City's "Science Center" is just a short drive?

A traveling Star Wars exhibit!

My first camp of the year, Horn Creek in Colorado, was fantastic, in large part because of "Brother/Sister," a band (who also serve as counselors) from Central Christian College in McPherson, Ks. Jaime, the drummer, really connected with all of us, perhaps especially a few days ago I let him know of our journey and he met us at the museum...much to Jacob's delight....who had no idea he was coming (he lives about 45 minutes away from the museum).

It was a great, after having Chinese delivered, we are about to swim the day away...made nicer since it is about 105 outside.

Here's perhaps too many photos...but, hey, now they are on line forever..or so...

                                                              No, we did not buy it!
                                                 Jaime observes Jacob simulating flight
                                              Jaime and Jacob doing some learning!
                                    Jacob and Nick in another simulator
                                Thankfully the (real) Force is ALWAYS with us...
                                              Yeah, they are a bit crazy after 3 1/2 hrs in car...
                                                 Who knows?
                                        The program is here until mid September...
                                               Jacob trying to imitate Chewy
                                     Lots of models and guns and equipment and other props

                                    Nick successfully programmed a computerized robot...

                                              My favorite..Jacob says because we are both old (ancient)
                                           Nick, Jacob, Jamie
                                                  A good bat..
                                            Nick imitates one of the Wilber brothers...or is it Wilbur?
                              What's this?'s the Pits and the Pendulum...

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