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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Korea Kamp to Philly to York, Pa

Year 23 preaching at "Korean Kamp" for Pioneers for Christ ended around noon today (Saturday). Chris Davison, son Jacob and I traveled into Philadelphia to play tourist; got stuck in some demonstration by 30,000 union workers (gee, wonder who they will vote for?), so didn't get to spend as much time as hoped; but did see a bit of the sites, went through Chinatown, enjoyed philly steaks...then drove as far as York, Pa..Jane pricelined us a fantastic old hotel in the middle of town..the Yorktowne...very cool. Posting photos before hitting the horizontal...
                                                         A guest list impresses..our name will soon be on it (not)
                                                             The Yorktowne in York, Pa

                                              Jacob's favorite part of Philly Chinatown.

                                     While paying toll enroute to Philly a northbound vehicle had a serious problem, responders got there as we pulled out, no idea what happened...

                                Hopefully they will see places like this only from the outside...

                                                 Lots of interesting architecture in York, Pa

                                         Kevin Ro was Chris' counselor, a long time friend of mine
                                                        and a new friend of Jacob!

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