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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shepherds or Butchers???

"The story is told about a group of tourists in Israel who had been informed by their Israeli tour guide, after observing a flock and their shepherd, that shepherds always lead their flocks from the front. He told his attentive listeners that they never “drive” the sheep from behind.
A short time later they drove past a flock along the road where the shepherd was walking behind them. The tourists quickly called this to their guide’s attention and he stopped the bus to step out and have a word with the “shepherd.”
As he boarded the bus he had a sheepish grin on his face and announced to his eager listeners, “that wasn’t the shepherd, that was the butcher!"
                                                  Timothy Witmer


NYLass said...
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NYLass said...

Sorry! can't edit a comment once it's posted!!

What I MEANT to say was:
Very, very interesting thought! I have copied your post to my blog (giving you credit - of course!) because I find this SO pertinent and well said.

Thank you for posting it!