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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Give a boy an iphone...

Well, perhaps "boy" is a reach...but as I go for walks whether around our home or, for instance, in between services at First Baptist, Wathena this Sunday morning, it's nice to have the camera's some of God's creation from Saturday night and Sunday morning:

                                              Sunday morning sunrise De kalb, Mo

                                   Nasty looking thorny leaves topped by this beauty..near our home

                                    A bee nectaring Wathena, Ks

                                                         Wathena, KS

                                              Super Moon Saturday Night, DeKalb, Mo

                            Super Moon Setting Sunday Morning, De Kalb, MO

                                        Stalky weed...only one I've seen around our home...

                                Glad the Lord didn't create in black-and-white

                                       Yeah, right, this just evolved....

                                   In dem old cotton fields...nah, some kind of weed I suppose

                                                                    Just liked it...

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