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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

To Those Who "Love Jesus but Hate Church"

I concur with Chan.

And those who claim to "love Jesus" but "hate church" are basically adulterers.

They are having an affair with Jesus.

They want the warm fuzzies, the theological debates, the lets-sit-around-and-bash-the-church events,
the lets-laugh-about-all-the-stuff-we-used-to-believe-but-now-have-abandoned-now-that-we've-seen-the-(relative)-light-fests...and all the rest.

Usually these occasions are laced with blasts at the judgmental, the "legalists," those who try to integrate their faith with their world and national view, and others.

The word "affair" is apt.

They want the "good stuff" but not commitment.


And denial of "do not forsake the assembling together of yourselves."

An affair is easy; commitment is tough.


Stan Nelson said...

Great stuff Jack. I run into this all the time. Keep standing for the truth, brother.

Jonathan Hardy said...

Thanks, Jack. I needed to read this just now.