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Friday, September 26, 2014

Testimony in Death

I did not know this young (13 years old) man.

His Dad serves with "Behind the Walls," Bill Glass's ministry with which I've had the privilege of serving.

Ethan died earlier today of neuroblastoma.

I look forward to meeting him...

A few days ago, he wrote this:

"My biggest fear isn't dying. My biggest fear is that others will blame God for my death and not believe in Him. I don't want people angry at God or even blaming Him. I mean, there is much more than just this life. Just because He didn't heal me on earth doesn't mean He won't heal me in Heaven." 

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Annie Law said...

He was filled with the Holy Spirit. There is no better testimony than this young man gave. I believe his testimony also helps the parents with their grief.

Not long ago, another, just turned 13 year old, young man although he knew he was dying was trying to reach others for Christ and comforting his Mom, Dad, and little brother and sister for when he leaves to go home to Jesus. He also had similar or same brain condition and was receiving some experimental drugs to help shrink the tumor.

Maybe these two and other young ones are enjoying each others company in heaven as they delight in Jesus in person.