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Friday, July 5, 2013

Oh Gaggeth a Self Respecting Maggot

Please, Lord, let this program fail...or at least don't let it go national! And may the one non-prosperity preacher get more airtime than the others...

Here is commentary by Denny Burk:
The Oxygen network is about to launch a reality show featuring six prosperity preachers from the Los Angeles area. The trailer above reveals a group of men who are completely under the spell of the prosperity gospel, which is no gospel at all (Gal. 1:6-7).
This is sad on a number of levels. Some of these men are bona fide false teachers, the very kind that the Bible warns us about (2 Pet. 2:1-3). Yet they will be presented to the public as what evangelicals aspire to be. I’m sure many viewers will understand these men to be a distortion of evangelical reality. But there will be many who will not. Unbelievers and skeptics will point to this sham as one more reason to write-off Christianity.
Christians grieve that this false teaching even exists and that it enslaves countless persons across the globe. We should be even more grieved that it will be displayed to an even larger audience—some of whom will buy in to the scam and others who will find in it an occasion to blaspheme (Rom. 2:24).
(HT: Micah Fries)
UPDATE: A commenter below says that at least one of the pastors–Wayne Chaney–is not a prosperity teacher. I looked at Chaney’s website and could not find any evidence of the prosperity gospel there.

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