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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thems That Got The Capital...

What follows is a fascinating article (both the article and the article it cites) regarding the death penalty and the Christian.

This Christian (as in me) could only support the death penalty if it was equitable...meaning...for instance...a 16 year old kid gets drunk, drives, slams into a car and kills one or more people but he survives; a 25 year old meth addict blows away a clerk in a botched robbery; a 40 year old businessman who has never done anything legally wrong comes home unexpectedly from a business trip, catches his wife in bed with the nextdoor neighbor, grabs a gun and kills one or both...if all three of these individuals are arrested, tried, convicted and fried I could support the death penalty...but the reality is the kid would skate, the meth addict would fry (especially if he was not caucasian) and the businessman would get it pled down to involuntary manslaughter at best...

By the way, the definition of capital punishment behind the walls? "Thems that got the capital don't get the punishment.

Here's a link to the article by people much smarter than I that is worth the read: CLICK HERE

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