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Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Would I Do If...

The teen shared that her brother had "come out." 

We discussed it; we prayed together.

Then she asked:

"What would you do if one of your children said they were gay?"

I shot a telegram prayer, and responded...recognizing that as in many such scenarios we don't actually "know" until/unless we are there...

  • I'd continue to love my child
  • I'd pray they'd come to their spiritual matter what the Lord did to enable that
  • I'd not attend or support in any way a "wedding" or civil union
  • Though my child would always be welcome, I'm not certain if I'd allow a "partner" in my home for a visit...but if I did, and if I let them spend the night; it would be in separate rooms...just as if it was a son with a girlfriend not his wife etc...
  • I'd shed tears, but I'd not beat myself up wondering "what did I do..or not do"
  • If my child were to draw a line and say, "you either accept us as a couple or you'll never see me again" I would tearfully hold to my conviction that I can't even insinuate approval of continued sin
  • And, for clarification, I'd do the same if one of my children was what we used to quaintly call "shacked up" with a member of the opposite sex..

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