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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


((I wrote this in September of 2005...had you told me they'd still be rocking in 2016 I may have shaken my head)

Just amazed at the Stones...dudes older than I am still rocking out...the biggest tourband ever...quite probably not role models for my kids except that they are enjoying the fruit of a basic truth:

 The secret to success is to find people who will pay you  money to do what you would pay to do if you had the money. (depending how awake you are, you may have to re-read)

Anyway, rock on, Mick and crew. I obviously would love for them to come to Christ...though not the most important reason, can you imagine a praise and worship set with the Rolling Stones??????? I can even help them write one - "I finally got some, satisfaction..I found Christ, I found Christ, I found Christ, I found Christ, I finally got some (some/some/some) satisfaction."

I guess me writing p/w music is as possible as a democrat praising President Bush for anything.

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