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Friday, October 3, 2014

Read It Before CHRISTmas...

I rarely read books more than once. (although at my age I may be so doing without knowing it)

Unbroken is an exception.

When I read it was being made into a movie I thought I should read it had been a couple years.

Then when I learned the subject of the book had died, I knew I had to reread it.

Took a while, but I finished it last night.

It is an amazing book (by the author of Seabiscuit) that describes the absolute horribleness of man while also portraying the heroic actions of desperate people.

The book describes the good, the bad, and the ugly about it's "hero."

It reveals God working through a young man named Billy Graham.

It illuminates both a heart consumed with a desire for revenge; and a heart changed into one offering forgiveness.

Have no idea how accurate the movie will be, but here is a trailer that includes the now-deceased hero:

And here is a more, well, dramatic trailer:

I know I won't see it CHRISTmas day...but if there is a late late show I might see it that evening...

As in all my book reviews, if you order it from amazon on the link below, I get a few cents:

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