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Saturday, September 12, 2015


Was surprised recently when a response I posed to a question a friend asked generated a lot of the point of a pastor calling me a heretic because I posed a possibility he did not like.

I had expressed an "opinion" as opposed to "thus sayeth the Lord." This particular individual not only challenged me, but early on said that I was purposefully coloring my opinion so that it would benefit me. As a redeemed sinner I am fully capable of so doing, but it is the Spirit of God's job to reveal that; no one else knows the "thoughts and intentions" of my heart. Then, later, he set the stage to label my "opinion" heresy...which is the same thing as labeling me a heretic.

I was (and am, as some of it continues) surprised at the amount of slaps I took for this particular post.

And I'm such a thin-skinned dude!

But it did cause me to think about asking readers a question:

"What Are Your Non-negotiables?"

On what mountains are you willing to die? More vividly, on what mountains are you willing to let your family die? (I believe a preference is something you'll argue about; a conviction is something you'll die for; a Biblical conviction is something you'll let your family die for)

As I think and pray and observe, I may share my list later.

For now I'm looking for yours.

Care to contribute?

For example, I am non-negotiable on the virgin birth of Jesus Christ. I'm non-negotiable on the exclusivity of the gospel. Though I've no idea what it is, I'm non-negotiable on the reality of hell.

That's a sampling.

How about you?

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