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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hollow Eyes

As I was leaving prison this afternoon I was delayed as a group of 20 or so "new guys" came through one of the locked doors. Dressed in orange jumpsuits they ranged in age from probably 17 or 18 to 50+.

I tried to look each one in the eye (yes, most prison officials and the majority of inmates will tell you not to do this; but I try to make even a moment's human contact whenever has never caused a problem) and silently voice a quick prayer for them.

Some of the eyes reflected terror.

Too many reflected nothing.

The former had probably never been locked up before in a prison (certainly they had done at least some jail time before sentencing).

The latter are probably doing "life-on-the-installment-plan."

As I observed the hardened eyes an oldy moldy Petra song came to mind.

"Hollow Eyes."

The Petra song dealt with starving people.

But the "Hollow Eyes", at least in my mind, applies to the guys who see prison as a revolving door part of their life.

And that is sad.

And it is one reason why I go in whenever I can to try to share the good news of Christ.

Here's the song:

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