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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tune Tuesday - A Sober Classic

Suicide..a permanent solution to a temporary problem...the most selfish act a person can do...

And rampant.

We need to be careful to observe...and act...

This oldie from Petra should be rereleased or covered by Casting Crowns or someone...

Its message is vital...

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Annie Law said...

I agree suicide is a selfish act.
Saying that, I believe it isn't an intentional selfish act because the person has lost all hope of things changing and just cannot handle life any longer. I know, because I have been to that point and came very close to not surviving. My doctor was angry and said 5 minutes later and I would not have made it.

I was not in my right mind for months before and certainly not at that time. But as the video song says, we need to recognize the signs so that we can help people before they get to the point of no return.

I knew about Jesus then, and about hell, but figured hell could not be any worse and my children would be better off without me. That was almost 40 years ago. Today my life is not just knowing about Jesus, it is about loving Him and being surrendered to His will and wanting to know Him deeper through His Word and Holy Spirit
I am so grateful He didn't let me die as I am not sure now that I was a genuine Christian at that time or just someone with a little knowledge..

Today, I know I belong to Him and desire after Him and love His Word and His Spirit in my life. Today I have a living hope and recognize suffering is part of life but we need not go through it alone. We have the Holy Spirit to comfort and enable us.

I believe, as a Christian, and my pastor has just preached on this. A Christian can get depressed and end up committing suicide. If they die, even through suicide, they will not lose their salvation. The thing is other Christians plus family should recognize signs so this should not have to happen. We should all learn the signs leading up to it.

I think the important thing here is that the gospel message gets out, and especially to those who feel hopeless and alone so that suicide will be very unlikely their last resort.

I think it was good you spoke about suicide and brought it out in the open. It needs to be talked about and not hidden in a corner. Thank you.

Something I told a young woman who was thinking about cutting her wrists and getting off of this planet. I asked her first, how she was going to do it? She had planned to do it before her boyfriend came over. She was expecting him later. I said to her "What if something happens to him that he cannot make it? He could get sick, get hit by a car, or anything. I also told her if that were to happen and he didn't make it to save her on time, she would end up in hell as she is in an unsaved condition without Christ Jesus. I told her that she would die. After you die, there is no coming back. You could be in hell forever. This gave her pause for thought and she did not do it. Not too long after, I was able to lead her to Christ who is the anchor for our hope.