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Friday, August 9, 2013

Three and a half Decades????

About to complete my 24th annual year of speaking at Pioneers for Christ camp near
Quakertown, 8th week of camp ministry this season...

Recognized a few days ago that it has been...gasp...35...years since I graduated from Bible school...and thus thirty-five years since I began "vocational ministry."

Thirty-five years of youth/prison/camp/school assemblies/civic organizations/etc ministry!

35 years of subsisting on missionary support; with no income but the gifts (really, investments) of people who believe in what I (and since 1982 I and Jane) are doing...

As I often say...the gifts of people make ministry possible while the prayers of people make ministry powerful...

So I've been doing some reflecting over those 35 (35?) years...and seriously considering writing some posts about things I've seen, learned (relearned), experienced, laughed over, cried over, been angered/frustrated over...and I will do that...either in my own journal or perhaps via this avenue.

Of course that produces a question...would anyone want to read it?

Would you?

Let me know by commenting or connecting...and, perhaps, by asking a specific question...thanksp

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